February 2007 Contest!

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Star Wars Minigames.com Contest: ‘If you wish upon a Mini…..What would it be’ Confused

Okay, here is how it will work. Each member can submit a total of 1 entry in the contest.

All will all be entered to win one of two prizes from Tritex-Games

Winner receives $30 and full bragging rights Cool
Also there will be a Runner up prize of $20 for the next best. Razz

Prize winners will receive a Gift Cert that you may spend at www.tritex-games.co.uk.

The winner will be selected by a select ‘Senate’ of Mods/ Staff/ Sponsor which should be enough of a cross section of strong liberated minds to avoid any Sith corruption! Wink

It will run from now until the end of Feb 2007!

Ok the rules: ‘Design a star wars miniature’ Simple? It may sound that way but it could well be as mind-boggling as perhaps a texas holdem game…..possibly, or is it a Jedi mind trick? Razz

This is conceptual so no need to get moulding plastic and print machines but if you feel you need to support your entry with this it may be awarded the odd point for originality!

Conditions being it can be any Star Wars character from the 6 films or books. Stat line for the miniature should be balanced in relation to its cost and relate to the character's real abilities.

It should be a character not already currently in the sets (i.e. it could be a lead character but not one from a time line already done... no revised Hoth Leia's but a Hoth Han Solo could be ok...as long as its not been published as being in the new set. Even if it appears in April the designer should have created it before time so it’s OK.

How do we score entries?
Each member of the senate will cast a vote for all entries in the following categories:

Originality of Character, i.e a re-vamped Darth Vadar could score lower than a Wamp Rat on originality (score1-10)

Stat line Vs Point cost...i.e. more balance greater score (score 1-10)

Unique abilites...i.e each entrant should have at least one unique ability not already a game mechanic and most original scores (score1-10)

Presentation of background fluff relating to why they have created stat card and justification (score 1-10)

This means that each senate member can cast a vote worth 4-40 points. However Master Yoda will have a discretionary 5 points to award based on anything above and beyond the call of nature as stated above!

All entrants are to be sent to Master Yoda via PM or e-mail before end of 28th February. Voting will then commence and winners will be notified in March.

If people want to publish their entries in this thread they are quite welcome but these will not be entered unless PM’d or e-mailed. If you feel its necessary - ffree to try Sith tactics of smoke-screening your entries with a false post on the thread too of what you are working on, then bombshell your entry and blow us away!!

I think this is just the sort of thing to get the creative juices flowing. Some forum members are really good at this and it would be nice to see the some of the best rewarded...provided they win of course.

Good luck to all Cool



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