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Miniature Outlook: Luke Skywalker, Jedi Master
A look at what COTF will do for Skywalker.

HK-47 Scenario, Part 1
Destroy all meatbags!

Outer-Rim Siege Scenario
Obi-wan, Anakin, and Alpha must destroy a prototype Separatist droid.

Yuuzhan Vong - Worth it?
Greywolf takes a look at the small, but potentially powerful Vong faction.

50 Point Games
Rimciv discusses a new size for your games.

Top 5 Troopers
Vroke takes a look at the best troopers.


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Miniature Outlook: Luke Skywalker, Jedi Master

by Schwager

The days until the release of Champions of the Force are numbered. That being said, here is a look at a miniature that is anticipated to move up quite a bit on the competitive totem pole.

With the New Republic faction finally to have some force-users that can take advantage of Luke’s commander effect, he will finally make the transition from the “piece that is fun to play, but I will never use at the tournament level” to a figure that has a much more dominating presence on the board.

Recalling discussions of Luke Skywalker, Jedi Master, from around the time Universe was released, comparisons of the miniature to the other 70+ point figure, Darth Vader, Jedi Hunter, led to a lot of negative feedback for Luke. However, Luke could prove to be worth every single one of those 74 points, with some solid, mid-costed jedi to benefit from his commander effect.

Luke Skywalker, Jedi Master is an offensive threat. However, from the point of view that he is costed strictly on his offensive capabilities, he would seem overcosted a few points. Still, he has force renewal, and a slew of force powers that make this mini one of the most balanced in the game. Lightsaber block and deflect combined with 22 defense will help keep him survive long into the game. Master speed, force leap, and lightsaber throw keep this miniature mobile, and allows you to escape whenever necessary, or to simply frustrate your opponent by forcing them to base with lightsaber throw, and then leaping away after a triple attack, provoking zero attacks of opportunity. Being able to cross the board in two turns also proves to be quite useful as well.

How much of his point cost would his stats, special abilities, and force powers account for? Roughly 67 or so points. In comparison to Mace Windu, Jedi Master, Luke is a bit more well-rounded. That leaves seven points of his cost to his commander effect. Granting +1 force points to every allied character with a force rating could prove to be devastating in this game. Having already seen some nasty force powers on miniatures in Champions, the likes of Dagobah Yoda and Exar Kun included, Wizards of the Coast more than likely won’t be any less creative with the New Republic force users. Especially with Jaina Solo and Corran Horn, two force users that are very deserving of such creativity.

Overall, Luke Skywalker, Jedi Master is on the rise. More support for the New Republic faction means more value to a commander effect that has so much potential, but won’t be realized until the release of Champions of the Force. If the figures that will represent the New Republic in Champions provide enough synergy, Luke could easily become as popular as Han Solo, Rebel Hero, as one of the top commander/beatsticks in the game.





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HK-47 Scenario, Part 1

by JediFan421

"Destroy All Meatbags!"

This scenario requires miniatures from the Champions of the Force booster packs, the Clone Strike booster packs and some Revenge of the Sith and Rebel Storm booster packs. This scenario also requires the map from the Revenge of the Sith Starter Set.

After the Exile left him, HK-47 was captured on Tatooine by thugs taking him to their boss. Unbeknownst to them however, the assassin droid has re-awaken and is ready for "unadultarated violence." This scenario re-creates his attempt to retake the ship.

HK-47 COTF, Cost: 42

Total: 42


HK-47 wins the scenario by either defeating all the crew and/or staying in the Command Center for three rounds.


Ithorian Scout RS, Cost:6

Chagrian Mercenary Commander ROTS, Cost:13

Shistavanen Pilot RS, Cost: 12

Twi'lek Scoundrel RS, Cost: 7

Aqualish Spy CS, Cost:11

Human Mercenary ROTS, Cost: 11

Nikto Soldier ROTS, Cost: 5

Total: 65


The crew wins by inflicting 40 stun points upon the droid.

Special Scenario Rules:

"Set your blasters to Stun": All crew members must keep the droid alive and must inflict only 40 points of damage on HK-47. They can only be within 2 squares of the droid and can only inflict 10 points of damge. If the droid is defeated, the crew loses the scenario.

Malfunction: HK-47 was damaged by his captors and cannot use Flamethrower 20 for the rest of the scenario.

Set HK-47 in the Blast Door or Corridor sections of the map.

Set the crew around the Power Regulation Chamber, Maintenance Station and Escape Pods. Set the Shistavanen Pilot and the Chagrian Mercenary Commander in the Command Center.

Note: This scenario is not playable until the release of Champions of the Force unless an alternate figure is used for HK-47.

Have Fun!

Outer-Rim Siege Scenario

by abhorson

Obi-wan, Alpha, and Anakin must infiltrate a droid complex to steal and or destroy their new proto-type droid, if not the Grand Army of The Republic will fail. Your only option is to suceed.

Republic Pieces:
Gen. Obi-Wan
Anakin, JK
Alpha(ARC Trooper)
6 Clone Troopers
1 Clone Commander
2 Clone Sergant

CIS Pieces: Phase 1
2 Super Battle Driod Commander
1 Battle Droid Officer
5 Super Battle Droid
10 Battle Droids

CIS Pieces: Phase 2
5 Super Battle Droids

CIS Pieces: Phase 3
3 Dwarf Spider Droids
1 Battle Droid Officer

CIS Pieces: Phase 4
1 Hailfire Droid

For this Scenaro use the Muunlist map, Republic starts in the pillar side, Phase 1 starts in the Control room.

The object to victory is destory all the droids, or capture the new prototype droid which is in the control room. use a r2d2 token as the proto type droid. To steal the droid use the capture the droid game rules. The droid has stats of:

CIS Pieces: Phase 2 enters on third turn on the right side in the rooms
CIS Pieces: Phase 3 eneters on the 5 turn on the left side in the rooms
CIS Pieces: Phase 4 enters outside of the control room

Special Rules - Alpha - has this CE: All clones Gain +4 Atk agaisnt all droids. Clone troopers ingore any damage reductions a droid may have.

Yuuzhan Vong - Worth it?

by Greywolf

As of right now, the Vong are a much disputed, and let's face it, barren faction. So, can they be used competitively? Sure can!

What are some of the things the Vong have going for them? First and foremost, Force Immunity. This renders blocks and lighting useless, and is particularly devastating when you can't re-roll that thudbug. Crab armor is also huge. If you can make the save, even a Darth Vader, Jedi Hunter can find it hard to bring down the Warmaster and his cronies.

Palpatine and Rebel Yoda? They just cry.

For the most part, there are two routs when playing Vong - Nom Anor, and the Warmaster.

The Warmaster - a great beastick with a commander effect that works on every vong in the faction. While not that great now, we have no clue what may be in store for the future. I myself, revel in the day when I can give a Voxyn or Slayer momentum. And, with the new ruling that CE's that grant bonuses and abilities stack, who knows what devastating combos might come about. As for its use now, it combats the Vong's main weakness - 10 damage, and low attack for the warriors. The Warmaster himself, with the best DR in the game because it reduces everything, and triple couple with cleave, is to be reckoned with.

Nom Anor - Nom Bomb squads. Super stealth is a great CE, any way you slice it. Things like the Vornskrs and Grans work extremely well, and giving stealth to any unit is always a plus. My personal favorite is the Zabrak Fringer. Not much else I can say that hasn't already been covered on that issue. As plus, Nom can defend himself with Plaeryin Bol, and he's the only ranged character the Vong have.

The main thing you have to worry about is staying out of sight untill you can hammer the enemy if using the Warmaster, or pick at people and blow up in their face when they get close with Nom. Not much else you can do with four figures, and DR really hurts. What's worse, is there isn't much you can do about it, but hope you have enough warriors to swarm, or enough bombs to explode.

A favorite Vong squad of mine:

Warrior x4
Vornskr x2
Nom Anor

Give the subaltern stealth, and have a lot of activation fun. One last tip I can give you - the true power of the Vong is thudbug. An actavated character is better then a one rushed with momentum (95% of the time).

50 Point Games

by Rimciv

Recently, I've been using a different point value for my minis games. I've found that having only 50 points per side creates a different kind of game that I have started to really enjoy.

Using 50 points causes a lot of differences in the make up of your squad and the way you play. One of these differences is obvious: Characters with point values greater than 50 cannot be used. This eliminates many highly used powerhouses like Darth Vader, Jedi Hunter. The focus switches to your basic troops, such as Stormtroopers. Also, units with a Force Rating become much more useful. Many times your usual squad will consist of one or two commander type figures and four to six troopers. Sometimes you will include one or two elite troops. My preferred Imperial squad is:

Stormtrooper Officer
Elite Snowtrooper
Snowtrooper x2
Scout Trooper

I use snowtroopers instead of stormtroopers because they can take more hits than stormtroopers. The extra HP can be a big difference in a small game where many figures only deal 10 damage. This squad allows a lot of flexibility, because the Officer can be switched to an Imperial Officer for more firepower or a Stormtrooper Commander for more damage. The Elite Snowtrooper can also be switched out for 2 Stormtroopers for more firepower, a Heavy Stormtrooper for dealing a lot of damage, or a Medical Droid to keep your units alive longer.

Since reducing the point value to 50 scales the size of the game down, every little action you take can affect the outcome of the game. The randomness is also increased. Some players like this, but you might not. One lucky attack roll can sometimes determine the winner of a game. This is a major reason why units with Force Points are especially useful.

Skirmish tactics are good for small games like these. If your squad can hit and run, you will be able to harass your opponent while he attempts to get a clear shot at you. Units with Mobile Attack work very well, as you can move into line of sight, attack, and move back into cover or out of line of sight. There are other tactics, and after playing several games this way, you'll find one that suits you.

A 50 point game is great for introducing someone to SWM. It also is nice when you don't have much time to play, as these games can be over in 20-30 minutes.

Have fun using this new way to play minis!

Top 5 Troopers

by Vroke

Last issue, Schwager covered the top 5 commanders in the game. This week, I thought it could be supplemented with a Top 5 Troopers article. Ok, here we go:

1) Stormtrooper – No doubt about it, these guys are awesome. For 5 points, you get 16 defense and +4 attack. With Thrawn and other Imperial commanders, these guys can be the deadliest in the game.

2) Battle Droid – With the recent ruling on commander effects and stacking of bonuses, these guys can become +12 double attacks with General Greivous, a battle droid officer, and a super battle droid commander.

3) Yuuzhan Vong Warrior - These guys may not look like much, but thud bug comes in handy a lot. These guys can buy you extra rounds, or even kill people themselves. They are a bargain for 8 points.

4) Elite Hoth Trooper – One of the Rebel Alliance’s best units, this guy is great for 12 points. 20 damage is excellent, and 30 hit points isn’t bad. Their +6 attack is average, but a swarm of these guys can dish out a lot of damage.

5) Elite Stormtrooper – I hate to put another Imperial on here, but these guys are awesome. For 11 points, these guys are incredible. +8 attack is one of the best for non-uniques, and 20 damage is great. 16 defense isn’t all that good but, like stormtroopers, they fare well with Thrawn.


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